The Essentials
Owners: Harry , Carole and Tiffany Robibero
Winemaker: Kristop Brown 
Manager: Jonathan Lander
Acreage: 42 in land, 3  planted
Varietals Planted: Cabernet Franc, Vidal Blanc, Syrah
Grape Source: North Fork Long Island, Seneca Lake
Production: 3,800 Cases

Meet The Winemaker

Kristop Brown is considered one of the most technically gifted winemakers in the Hudson Valley. Kristop's winemaking origins began at Benmarl when he learned to make wine under the apprenticeship of Eric Miller, son of Mark Miller. He further expanded his knowledge when he ventured to the West Coast to practice his craft in Walla Walla, Washington. In 2011 Kristop returned to his roots of winemaking when he joined forces with the newly opened Robibero Winery.